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The 4 digital trends you need to know

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14 Mar' 17 | By Beth Hannelly

1. We’re going Facebook Live in, 3, 2, 1…

Live-streamed video saw a big boom in 2016 and that is only going to grow this year. Streaming live enables brands and organisations to connect with their audience on a move personal, immediate and reactive level. ‘Going live’ means hitting the record button on Facebook and your video being streamed in real time to your friends and followers. This helps to build a deeper and more personable relationship. It also provides an added layer of transparency, which is key to the 21st century consumer; they live to know what really goes on behind the scenes and with live streaming they feel like they are getting a back stage pass.

What we can do together…

We can demo your latest product or service live or invite your audience virtually to your next company event or announcement.

Get in touch and we will show you how to make the most out of Facebook Live.

2. Cinemagraphs, the static movement…

With the unwavering rise of motion graphics, cinemagraphs can offer a new dimension to your visuals by creating impact with a fusion of subtle motion, focus and static image. Imagine a perfectly placed coffee cup resting on a copper topped table in a busy London café but all is till, apart from the waves of steam rising from the cup. There are endless opportunities with this form of image, as they can be used to promote products or services, as banner on your website or even across your social platforms.

We must admit, print cannot display the cinemagraph in its full glory, so do check out our LinkedIn page to see some further examples.

What we can do together…

Inspire and excite your audiences by moving away from a static homepage visual, with a bespoke cinemagraph that works a whole lot harder than your ‘brown bag’ stock photo.

3. Emotional Emojis…

Emojis have become a mainstream part of communication and are unique in that they offer instant empathy on a universal level across the world.

2017 sees the rise of emotion tracking or ’emoji tracking’, which will enable brands to gain valuable insight into exactly what their audience is thinking and feeling. Using emojis as a form of gathering feedback or tracking them on social media is a quick, easy and low cost way to gain ‘fast data’ and real-time metrics.

What we can do together…

Struggle to gather customer satisfaction data? Re-invigorate your laborious feedback form with a strategic led emoji feedback plan.

4. Chat-bot-a-lot…

Taking mobile messaging and customer service to a new heights. 2017 is set to be the year of the chat-bot. Already infiltrating our daily lives during exercises like online banking and booking holidays, these chat-bots will be developed further to have increasingly engaging conversations and are well suited to a mobile-savvy, millennial focused audience. A good example of a brand who gets it right is Domino’s with their Pizza tracker app, which provides a step-by-step update on your order, from ‘prep’ to ‘out for delivery’. The personalised app uses your name and even offers comical anecdotes to your hungry thoughts!

What we can do together…

Look at your audience and decide how to incorporate a chat-bot into your customer service, product delivery or even as a receptionist!