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5 amazing agriculture logo hacks to launch, or spruce up your brand

5 amazing agriculture logo hacks to launch, or spruce up your brand

28 Sep' 20 | By Chloe Philips - Guest poster

Image credit: unsplash.com

Whether you’re launching a new agriculture-related business or you just want to drive growth with shiny new visuals, your agriculture logo plays a significant part in boosting recognition and attention from your target audience.

Here are five expert tips to help you hone your logo.

Use a combination mark

There are a variety of different kinds of logos, ranging from mascots to wordmarks to iconic, and beyond. But if you really want to boost name recognition from the very beginning, a combination mark is the best option.

Combination marks, or combination logos, do exactly what they sound like: they combine two different types of logos into one. In most cases, it involves a font-based element, your brand name, along with a graphic element, such as an icon or symbol.

Combination marks give the brand all the benefits of name recognition, since it is spelled out right there in the logo, along with a unique graphical identifier.

Later on, as your brand becomes more well known, you may choose to use only the graphic element. Combination marks also offer built-in adaptability in that way.

Choose a “Farm Fresh” font

Different fonts lend themselves to different markets and genres, and an overview of common typefaces for agricultural logos may not be as conclusive as you might think. The best font for your logo depends on the niche that you operate in.

Typically, the different types of font are viewed in certain ways. For example:

  • Serif fonts are seen as traditional, reliable, and old-fashioned.
  • Sans-serif fonts are viewed as modern, a little more edgy, and more corporate.
  • Script fonts are often perceived as being a bit more arty, unique, fun, creative, and elegant.

Depending on the perception you want for your agricultural brand, you may lean towards a certain type of font. But even within that type, some fonts will lend themselves more to your brand than others.

For inspiration and more examples, you can look at fonts that are in common use for agricultural businesses and brands. Generally speaking, those fonts tend to be sans-serif or serif, and it often depends on the size and goal of the company.

Even more generally speaking, however, designers often recommend serif fonts for a farm-fresh, family-friendly, organic, healthy-feeling agriculture logo designs.

Use a hand-drawn element

With more of an emphasis on bespoke design and products that aren’t mass produced, consumers seem to be drawn to designs which are less sleek, more unique.

Hand-drawn elements also have an ‘organic,’ grass-roots feel built into them by their very nature. That makes them perfect for organic farms and environmentally friendly agriculture businesses, as it sends an appropriate message.

You could even choose to reverse-engineer your logo by starting with a regular vector image and then drawing it out and adding unique elements.

Add a colour pop!

In the world of logo design, colour choice is king. Every individual element plays a part in how effective a logo is, but the colour palette that you choose is what really makes the design stand out. So choosing your colours wisely is of primary concern.

With that in mind, professional designers recommend ensuring that your logo looks good in black and white, as much as in full colour.

A pop of colour, especially in an agricultural logo, can make a big difference in how well your logo shows up amongst your competition.

Greens and browns are popular choices for agriculture logos, but also look elsewhere for colour inspiration. Anything that has to do with the great outdoors, the skies, the colours of the vegetables you sell at your farm — anything and everything is a valid consideration for colour inspiration. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a colour pop. Try to avoid colours that are overused.

Include white space

Logos are pretty small and don’t take up much real estate. So the tendency may be to try to cram as much information or detail in that little space as possible. But here’s a helpful tip: don’t.

In order for the important elements in your logo to show up well, there must be empty space enclosing them. The eye needs something to focus on, as well as something that can help it to relax, or the viewer will end up overwhelmed, and the effectiveness of the logo is lost.

The answer here is to simplify your logo as much as possible. This is by no means a new tip — simplified design has long been viewed as an elegant solution to design conundrums, as well as providing memorable, effective end products. There’s a reason why simple design is so popular: it works.

So make sure to include white space or negative space within your design. Don’t fill your logo up completely; give the elements room to breathe, and remember that less is more.

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