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Beth Hannelly

15 Feb' 17 | By Beth Hannelly

A spotlight on: illustration

The designers here at GWCM have created a series of inspiring illustrations, paying homage to some of history’s great painters, architects, inventors, writers and photographers.

Taking famous citings, from the likes of the innovative, future thinking Albert Einstein or the busy words of modernist Virginia Woolf, the designers have interpreted their wise words in the form of idiosyncratic illustrations and typography. Each piece has been individually crafted with imagination to showcase the creative thoughts behind each piece.

Of course, the team couldn’t create a series of images relating to ‘wise words’ without crediting the infamous words of our own Creative Director, Gavin Willis. Gavin has been proclaiming “Who says there’s no creativity in the sticks”, from our base here in Northampton since 1997. Not only is there a plethora of amazing creative talent outside of the Big Smoke, but actually when you search our great island you can often find amazing talent without a hint of a EC1 OR EC2 post code.

We have skilled illustrators, designers coders and writers on hand who know how to communicate the right message for your company or product.

Whether your product or service needs a refresh or you need something to help you stand out in the world… our team can magnify that message, helping you to reach more people effectively.

Want to learn more ? Call 01604 638200 and ask for Amanda, Beth, Jo or Sam. 

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