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Agricultural branding challenge for a leader in biological agriculture

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SECTOR: Agriculture

SCOPE: Brand Identity| | Research & Visual Enquiry | Logo Concept & Development

A telephone call from County Kildare started an urgent time-sensitive agricultural branding challenge for us that would help to resolve a brand infringement. Previously known as APS BioAg until it was discovered there was a company with a similar name in Australia (BioAg). Our task initially was to come up with a new brand name and carry out an in-depth analysis, plus desktop and Companies House names search to ensure our new suggestions for company names didn’t already exist.

A leader in the field of biological agriculture they partner with carefully selected consultants and suppliers in implementing biological systems on farms in over 40 countries with a range of cutting-edge technology products that meet strict ISO 9001:2008 standards and conform to FIBL and Irish organic standards.

Looking to position the brand as a leader in biologicals in animal health, crop production, and soil health in the UK & Ireland, we developed and presented a range of descriptive, suggestive, and also empty vessel names for initial discussions. FuturAg was finally chosen and the preferred name was checked out legally with an IP solicitor. Our brief then turned into a wider branding project and a number of new logo options were developed before agreeing on the final logo to be used through brand communications.

FuturAg logo design

FuturAg logo design

FuturAg logo design

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