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AMI Education Solutions




Logo | Branding | Video | Exhibition | Promotional Items

Executive Summary

AMI Education Solutions is a leading supplier of cashless catering and identity management to the education sector. For over ten years they have been developing software that manages cashless retail and payments for schools and colleges both across the UK and internationally. AMI operated two unique businesses, Easytrace and Gladstone Education, and although proud of the breadth of software applications and utilities across their portfolio, there was brand confusion and a need to merge the companies under one name.

In order to establish AMI Education Solutions as the main parent brand, we needed to define its purpose, help to leverage the corporate vision, create continuity across all the products, refresh all product platforms and give AMI a trusted, credible and vibrant identity.

Outline of Project Brief

The Business Objective:

Elevate the parent brand, appeal to a wider demographic, and help to drive inquiries through a re-launch at the world’s largest education technology event.

The Challenge:

Position the brand as a leading education solutions supplier in an already crowded marketplace.

Project Launch Date

The new branding was launched at BETT 2015.

Outline of Creative Solution

  • Logo creation
  • Branding
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Explainer Video
  • Exhibition stand
  • Promotional items

Our first goal was to understand both the brand as well as the buying habits of AMI’s target consumer. We performed robust brand research and analysis and the information we gathered led to insights that allowed us to make decisions on all aspects of AMI’s new brand identity.

Focusing on AMI’s key objectives we designed a new logo that defined the category of the business and set out the corporate boundaries. The identity is memorable, has personality and character and well reflects the culture of the company.

The design carried over into many other elements for the launch, including corporate stationery, promotional items, and served as inspiration for the design of a new exhibition stand.

Our motion graphics team designed and produced a 2-minute 30-second, product explainer video; where animated characters were developed to help potential customers better understand how the software actually works from a student, parent and schools perspective.

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