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British Business Bank




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  • The new British Business Bank was featured in over 30 news sources both online and in print, including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Financial Times.
  • £782 million reached smaller businesses in the last financial year.
  • Over 30,000 smaller businesses are currently benefiting from its programme.

Outline of Project Brief

Executive Summary

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) were looking for a suitable name, brand identity and signage for a new government business bank. When fully operational the bank would provide up to £10 billion of lending for small and medium sized UK businesses.

BIS commissioned Gavin Willis Creative Marketing to originate initial research and recommend a suitable name to put forward to Parliament for approval. Upon approval of the name and logo, a set of brand guidelines would need to be developed to address the usage across a multitude of marketing platforms.

The Business Objective

Within a strict time frame, originate research and recommend a suitable name for the entity; and then create an appropriate, flexible logo and brand identity that communicates with small businesses and works well across all types of media.

The Challenge

The logo and brand identity would become the key identifier to investors, businesses and stakeholders and would need to instill confidence in their partners, as well as portraying a high level of trustworthiness and credibility. The logo must be recognisable yet distinct and unique.

Project Launch Date

The entire project was kept confidential until the official announcement of the bank to the press on September 17 2013.

Outline of Creative Solution

To help determine the name of the new bank we organised a range of focus groups to gain in-depth qualitative information. This research involved working with key BIS stakeholders and a sample of SME’s. The process began by generating a list of possible names to take to the next stage. In the workshop objectives of the bank were discussed to determine who the target audience is and a list of keywords were generated to stimulate ideas. After an extensive process the full name ‘British Business Bank’ was approved at
ministerial level.

Gavin Willis Creative Marketing presented several initial logo options to the bank and in turn these went through some developmental work until a final design was agreed. The icon has been developed from a small, almost abstract section of the Union Flag, a symbolic element of ‘Britishness’. The graphic has been cropped from the flag and refined to form an arrow, which points upwards reinforcing the positive stance of the bank’s vision and values. We made sure the
icon had the ability to stand-alone and
work independently.

Gavin Willis Creative Marketing then produced a full set of brand guidelines, which demonstrate how to use the name, logo and strapline properly and effectively. From this we also designed and produced a set of exhibition graphics and a brand promotional video, which showcases the British Business Bank’s key messages and objectives.

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