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E-Commerce Website Design and Development for the Launch of a Luxury Beauty Brand


CLIENT: Neem Avenue

SECTOR: Health & Beauty Retail | Personal Care Products

SCOPE: Marketing Strategy | E-Commerce Development | Campaign Creative | Social Media

We were tasked with helping to make NHS procurement easier recently. Our previous work for NHS North East London lead our recommendation for this project. We helped respond to the requirement with a new brand and website for NHS London Commercial Hub.

Neem Avenue needed assistance with its e-commerce website development. It is already an established luxury brand in the Caribbean. But they needed help with a new website and e-commerce development to raise awareness and kick off their UK business. Neem Avenue believes that natural skincare and beauty should be kind to the planet. This should be done without compromising on quality. The ethical beauty brand is packed with powerful plant-based ingredients. The product range uses aromatic fragrances from the Caribbean. Neem Avenue is used widely throughout luxury hostelry establishments in the Caribbean. However, e-commerce website design and development and product-centric social media were needed. Showcasing the product's inspired features and benefits to the audience was our challenge.

Our marketing team initially carried out competitive research and a series of audits. We reported on our thoughts and insights that would bring the best e-commerce development experience for the customer. We mapped out our suggestions and solutions. We brought on board a specialist copywriter with an impressive portfolio. The writer had experience with ELLE UK, Grazia UK, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine, Estee Lauder, and Vogue. Once we had the brand narrative, we started the creative. Website themes were designed and presented. Whilst our SEO team got to work on the nuts and bolts that would help with organic search.

Next, our e-commerce web development team built the website. A modest number of products were used for testing whilst the product portfolio is evolving and growing. Simple back-end integration manages, orders, deliveries, and logistics. User-friendly navigation, Instagram integration, and digital marketing campaigns drive awareness and sales. Customer experience is at the heart of the design. Our design team created a website that aims to transport the luxury beauty shopper. Our visual approach combines the ingredients, oceans, and beauty of the Caribbean.


Neem Avenue

Neem Avenue

Neem Avenue

Neem Avenue

Neem Avenue Neem Avenue Neem Avenue Neem Avenue Neem Avenue Neem Avenue

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