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Health and wellness marketing support for Northamptonshire

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CLIENT: Public Health Northamptonshire

SECTOR: Public Health

SCOPE: Health and Wellness Marketing Literature

Health and wellness marketing is used by Public Health Northamptonshire in order to educate and offer advice and support on a range of public health and wellbeing issues for Northamptonshire residents. Wellbeing marketing support is used to help promote good health with programmes encouraging people to be healthier for example giving up smoking, being more active, cutting down on alcohol consumption or advice and support on sexual health, and more recently Coronavirus.

The team provides a variety of well-being programmes that can support employees with small sustainable lifestyle changes. They have expert teams promoting and marketing wellness throughout the County and help guide people into making better choices for their health and wellbeing.

GWCM can help with wellness marketing strategies for healthcare professionals and organisations. For this project, our experience enabled us to design a Council branded, workplace booklet aimed at engaging staff with tips about workplace wellbeing and a roadmap graphic with advice on how to keep the workforce happy and healthy. A wider part of the campaign collaterals resulted in posters, postcards, and pull-up banner designs for GP surgeries, pharmacies, and hospital waiting rooms in order to support independence for older people that may need a little bit of help shopping, or if they are lonely and need support.

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