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A social media healthcare campaign that increased Olympus Care Services followers by 15%

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CLIENT: Olympus Care Services

SECTOR: Healthcare

SCOPE: Healthcare Social Media | Landing page | Direct Mail | Posters

We developed a social media healthcare campaign for Olympus Care Services to help raise awareness and promote their specialist dementia offering. Every September, during World Alzheimer’s Month people, comes together from all over the world to challenge the stigma that persists around Alzheimer’s disease and all types of dementia.

Olympus care wanted to be part of the campaign, and join many other Alzheimer's and dementia associations around the world. Social media in healthcare is often used to enhance or improve patient care education, organisation promotion, recruitment, and even professional networking. GWCM has developed many successful healthcare social media marketing campaigns, this time our challenge would be to develop a detailed strategic and communication plan to assist a small, busy internal marketing team.

The social media healthcare marketing campaign ran across Facebook and Twitter using a series of banners focusing on a different ‘dementia story’ each week, helping to promote a better understanding of good dementia care. Along with the campaign graphics which were shared on Olympus cares own social feeds, we also provided a simple outreach ‘tweet sheet’, a guide with best practices to increase audience engagement. Postcards and posters were also designed to drive user interactions back to both the social media campaign and the supporting website landing page. The campaign has been deemed a success with social audiences increasing by 15% and 2,650 post-campaign engagements.


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GWCM helped us before, during and after World Alzheimer’s Month to create thought provoking content for our own dementia campaign. The campaign enabled us to raise awareness of the condition and the support available to individuals living with dementia. The campaign ran smoothly and really got people thinking – Marketing Assistant, Olympus Care Services 

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