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Animation and healthcare video production to reach Northamptonshire county residents

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CLIENT: West Northamptonshire Council

SECTOR: Public Health

SCOPE: Healthcare Video Production | Animation | Social Media Graphics

Animation and healthcare video production are often used by West & North Northamptonshire Councils and Cheshire East Council in order to quickly capture local residents' attention, educate or offer advice and support on a range of public health and wellbeing issues.

Like many UK Towns and cities, Northamptonshire has a diverse local population. During the pandemic, our work supported the UK Government's advice throughout all phases. We created a number of campaigns and informative, shareable video content and animations with easily digestible messages for all, even if English was not the first language of the viewer.

Character illustrations and settings were developed and then animated with important messages about the outbreak and keeping safe. Complex messages were condensed down into small snippets that were easy to digest and connect with on an emotional level with local residents.

Video animation is one of the most engaging, immediate, and easy-to-circulate media. We have developed wellbeing and resilience training videos for the Northamptonshire Public Health department and animated social media content that is short enough to be impactful whilst maintaining viewers' attention.

Our team of art directors, scriptwriters, videographers, and voice-over artists use their talent and skills to produce stunning video content that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone, or internet access,

If you’re interested in learning more about Healthcare video production, see examples here, or contact us now.




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