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Reducing crime with the UK's, leading online crime information system

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CLIENT: Littoralis - Disc Against Crime

SECTOR: Business Retail

SCOPE: Digital | Email Marketing

Our expertise in retail marketing agency experience, lead Littoralis to approach us to overhaul their clunky, out-of-date admin centre called Disc.

Disc is a secure crime information-sharing system allowing members - typically many hundreds of shopwatches, pubwatches, and business crime reduction partnerships throughout the UK in deterring crime and protecting members’ property, premises, staff, and customers from low-level crime and ASB. It also enables UK police forces to deliver ‘joined up’ policing to the communities they serve.

Members access this information through the Disc App - an iOS and Android smartphone app and/or the Disc Desktop - a secure Members-only website, where offenders' details, incidents, news alerts, and documents are managed by an administrator via the Disc Admin Centre.

Being heavily form and input-driven, our brief was clear, to simplify the design and create a style that made the system more intuitive to use. GWCM produced designs for each type of page such as form, list views, dashboard layouts in the system, and developed them using the same classes and ID’s so minimal HTML changes were required in putting the design live.

Following the successful launch of the new Admin Centre, a Disc retail crime prevention email newsletter was also designed and created as a Mailchimp template. GWCM is currently in the process of redesigning its manuals, which are used to assist users in operating the admin centre.

Littoralis - Disc desktop website

Littoralis - Disc desktop website

Littoralis - Disc desktop website

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