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Macmillan Education




Video | Online Display Advertising


  • During the first week the video attracted over 2,000 views.
  • The time spent watching the 1 minutes 30 second video totaled 37 hours in the first few days.


“The trailer has only been live a day and it’s had over 700 views and over 1600 people have registered for MEOC2014 already! Great work, thank you!” – Digital Marketing Manager, Macmillan Education

Executive Summary

Macmillan Education is a global education publisher, developing print, digital and online solutions that support teachers, researchers, students and educators across the globe. The Macmillan Education Online Conference has been running for the past 3 years and consists of 5 days of 12 talks, and 4 interactive Google Hangouts that aim to inspire teachers in their professional development.

Gavin Willis Creative Marketing has worked with Macmillan Education since 2005. On this occasion we were tasked with creating an exciting promotional trailer that would draw an international audience and encourage teachers to register for the event.

Outline of Project Brief

The Business Objective:

Build enthusiasm for the conference and encourage teachers to register for the event.

The Challenge:

Increase number of registrations and attract a wider international interest.

Project Launch Date

The video went live on YouTube on September 15th 2014.

Outline of Creative Solution

Macmillan Education were keen to adopt a ‘comic book’ style for the video, inspired by superhero shows of the 60’s. With this in mind, our designers created playful character illustrations, which showcased the ELT experts and authors, who would be participating in the forthcoming conference.

The framework for the video was informal and humorous – a marketing tool that an international audience could easily understand and follow. Gavin Willis Creative Marketing sourced an award winning voice over artist, Guy Harris – who boasts over 20,000 radio ads alone and over 10 years experience working with market leading brands – to provide a voiceover in the style of the late Don Fontaine, a style that is internationally recognisable.

In order to streamline the user experience we made use of YouTube’s video linking system, which allows users to click straight through to the event registration page.

Gavin Willis Creative Marketing also created an online advertising campaign, where banners in the same style as the video were placed on the Macmillan English Global website to drive further traffic to the event registration page.

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