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CLIENT: Brunel University

SECTOR: Education

SCOPE: Responsive website design and development

Marketing for colleges and universities is core business here at GWCM that’s why Brunel University London reached out to us. Their ‘Bridging the Gap’ programme is aimed at potential entrepreneurs and final-year students. It aims to build a bridge between the final year and post-grad, where good ideas with strong potential may have been developed and could be useful and financially positive to the wider business community, primarily SMEs.

The programme is co-funded by Brunel University London and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and offers specialist mentoring, workshops, and knowledge from the university’s academics and departments, especially in the Science, Tech, Engineering, and Maths STE(A)M sectors.

Our online solution helps Brunel to ‘bridge’ the gap and acts as a simple, relevant and useful reference point for the programme, its funders, supporters, alumni, potential clients, and beneficiary businesses. GWCM, developed a well-considered but simple site, supporting the ethics and approach of both the programme and the funders while appealing to all potential clients.

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