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With over 200,000 new homes built each year in the UK, and Government and industry alike striving for a higher volume of output to address the projected 1.5 million UK home, the current priority for the industry is improving quality of output and customer service.

New Homes Customer Care (NHCC) identified the opportunity to create a new home customer care solution to deliver better customer experience, innovative and flexible technology solutions, and workmanship of the highest quality in a cost-effective package. Bespoke software was designed to meet the unique needs of UK house-builder customer care.

Due to NHCC’s services spanning construction, technology and customer care, using a traditional photographic approach had the potential to be confusing. We developed a new visual identity for the brand and then developed a theme using miniature characters that portrayed each service sector. This approach focused on human interaction and the personality side of the industry in a standalone manner to their competition.


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