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CLIENT: Northamptonshire County Council

SECTOR: Public Health

SCOPE: Digital Annual Report Design

Every year directors of public health in England have a statutory duty to write an annual public health report to demonstrate the state of health within their communities. The report is then reviewed and discussed at the Health and Wellbeing Board with the aim of improving integration between practitioners, particularly in transitions between health care and social care.

The boards are also responsible for leading locally on reducing avoidable health inequalities, which can begin before a baby is born, with factors such as the mother’s access to healthcare or lifestyle such as her diet or whether she smokes. Throughout adulthood there can be differences such as having high blood pressure or smoking and being obese or overweight. An older person who is living in poverty is more likely to have ill health and frailty at an earlier age compared to someone the same age from a more affluent background.

Northampton County Council approached GWCM, due to our vast healthcare marketing experience, and for the past 23 years we have been designing and producing compelling branding, advertising, websites and videos that get brands noticed, talked about and remembered.

We were commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) to design and produce the 2019/20 digital annual report for the second year running. We designed the report to be visually stimulating, simplifying the complicated data efficiently and effectively. As a healthcare marketing agency, we developed a simple, illustrative theme that helped to capture attention, enhance comprehension and would assist the health and wellbeing board members to understand the local community's needs, agree priorities and secure better health and wellbeing outcomes in the region.

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Digital Annual Report DesignDigital Annual Report DesignDigital Annual Report DesignDigital Annual Report Design

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