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Branding & exhibition stand design for an integrated school information platform

Overnet Data


Overnet Data




Branding | Exhibitions

Overnet Data’s main product is Edulink One, an integrated information platform app for schools that consolidates several pieces of software into one solution. This enables schools to implement one rollout instead of several, saving them £000’s per year.

Overnet Data’s marketing had dropped behind competitors and needed the help of an experienced education marketing agency; hence our brief was to assist with a marketing strategy for schools and raise the profile of their excellent software. Marketing to schools and teachers can be a challenge as the actual target buyers are usually school network managers, school data managers and school leadership teams, who are often not the actual users.

GWCM’s education marketing agency expertise enabled us to develop a receptive, professional new brand identity and exhibition graphics that appealed to the main secondary school target audience. But our solution also worked well for primary schools also, as we were informed their intentions to expand into that market in the future. Illustration is a key as part of the new branding. The elements and characters developed were designed to work well both on, and offline with thoughts to develop a new website after the new brand was successfully launched at the BETT show in January 2020.

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