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Design, Digital & Social campaign to support Oxfordshire’s innovative entrepreneurs and SME’s



Oxfordshire County Council, OxLEP


Business Support


Design & Digital Communications | Social Media | Public Sector

Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) is a free service to help support innovative SMEs in the Oxfordshire’s economy. It offers a customisable portfolio of help for eligible SMEs to encourage innovation, including grants & innovation support via, coaching, mentoring, workshops, seminars, master classes. But also gives access to equipment, expertise and resources. The programme also provides available co-working spaces for Oxfordshire start-ups.

Our team integrate with the ISfB team and help deliver the aims of the programme in delivering real and meaningful innovation support for businesses, promote business investment in research and innovation, developing links and synergies between enterprises, research, development centres and the higher education sector.

Working with ERDF and OxLEP branding we are developing an entire suite of both design and digital assets such as flyers, adverts, e-news templates, blogs, landing pages, social media graphics and programme events/workshops support. As the programme develops further we will also audit, review and make recommendations for SEO and PPC advertising campaigns.

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