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A social media strategy that elicits interaction and awareness between consumer and brand

Pamoja Education - Social Media


Pamoja Education




Social Media | Strategy

  • Pamoja’s interactions on Facebook and Twitter increased from 215 to 25k.

Pamoja were keen to test social media on their target audience but needed a credible strategy that would deliver. Pamoja are the only approved online course provider of International Baccalaureate®. The key objective of our campaign being to recruit new students and teachers.

GWCM created a detailed social media strategy, recommending a variety of tactics such as testing multiple social channels, conversations and timings. As Pamoja Education is an international business, our strategy was created, planned and scheduled efficiently across the entire day to capture the global audience.


Pamoja Education - Social Media Pamoja Education - Social Media Pamoja Education - Social Media

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The Marketing team at Pamoja were trained to establish a clear roadmap of social media activities to increase brand awareness and interactions, and the success of the training shows in our results! Our follower numbers have increased on all channels and we are having more conversations with our customers every day. The training has allowed us to communicate with more school leaders, teachers, parents and students, which will lead to more visits to our website and, in turn, increased sales. – Marketing Executive, Pamoja

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