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CLIENT: Pearson

SECTOR: Education

SCOPE: Catalogue Design | Print Production | Online Learning

After a major corporate rebrand, Pearson needed their sales materials to reflect the fresh identity, as well as launch the new educational resources tools and assessments the company has developed.

Pearson approached GWCM, due to our vast education marketing experience. For the past 23 years we have been designing and producing compelling branding, advertising, websites and videos that get brands noticed, talked about and remembered.

Education marketing agency, GWCM designed new marketing materials to promote their online learning courses for higher education and qualification training. GWCM also bettered the range of catalogues they had designed in previous years for the clinical division, by taking Pearson's KPI’s into full consideration. GWCM, education marketing experience, highlighted particular call to actions, such as 'register online' and 'request product demonstrations', which acted as gateways for improved lead generation. Simple colour-tabbed sectors and large title categories enabled the buyer to identify the product categories easily, and emotive lifestyle imagery improved the overall content.


Pearson Brochure Pearson Brochure Catalogue Design and Print Catalogue Design and PrintCatalogue Design and PrintCatalogue Design and Print Catalogue Design and Print Catalogue Design and Print Catalogue Design and Print

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