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Reed Viewpoints




Responsive Website Design + Development


  • Time spent on pages increased by 45.45%
  • 28.6% increase in page views on
    the main page
  • The bounce rate has dropped from 49.06% to 40.43%
  • Unique views went from 1410 to 1731, an increase of 22.77%


“We worked with Gavin Willis Creative Marketing on a project to bring together seven online magazines in one overarching content hub. Gavin Willis Creative Marketing were a pleasure to work with throughout. They took the time to understand our needs, brought their own ideas to the table, and provided a solution, which increased engagement with our content and looks fantastic. On top of this, they’ve always been happy to revisit plans, provide ongoing support, and deal with changes with a flexible and professional partnership approach.”

Outline of Project Brief

Executive Summary

Originally appointed to develop REED’s thought-leadership marketing within the ever-changing recruitment industry, we created insight-led quarterly ‘Inside’ magazines for HR professionals. A few years later due to our digital expertise using the Liferay CMS, we were approached to revolutionise the ‘news’ section of REED Global.

REED needed a space that would provide the user with one central location to find everything from industry news to insight and market analysis. As a core marketing channel, REED wanted to make it as easy as possible to communicate with their audience and deliver fresh, relevant and valuable content. In addition to improving the content and ease of delivery, the news section also needed to showcase different business sectors all in one place to encourage users to read more than just one publication.

The Business Objective

The redeveloped news area should be a one-stop resource for all of REED’s industry insight, in turn increasing engagement and driving subscriber interest.

The Challenge

To build a future-proofed system that would enable the back-end editorial team to quickly and easily categorise and add content. Allow the resource to be continually updated, which in turn would aim to boost SEO with fresh content being added daily.

Project Launch Date

October 2014.

Outline of Creative Solution

Our team introduced new sector specific branding across the 7 industries, to make navigating this 400+ page website easier. Quick links were placed inside right column pods, and a simple search tool helped to enhance the user’s experience.

A confident and easy to navigate resource was delivered, incorporating clear and concise section headers, users can find and navigate to the areas they need to within just a few clicks. The UI massively helped to improve the UX and general uptake of the hub as a key communication tool.

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