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Reviving the recruitment process for the UK’s leading smart repair company

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Photography | Art Direction | Website Design and Development

Recruitment is a competitive sector, particularly within automotive repair. Revive! Is the UK’s leading smart repair organisation, rapidly growing throughout the UK. In order to keep up with customer demand and to meet growth targets, Revive! needed to recruit a greater amount of paint technicians.

Revive! approached GWCM, due to our vast automotive marketing experience. For the past 23 years we have been designing and producing compelling branding, advertising, websites and videos that get brands noticed, talked about and remembered.

The user experience of the site has been carefully considered to fit the persona of a typical ‘paint shop technician’. The site was built mobile first and the application process is quick, easy and intuitive in order to suit the busy, on-the-go lifestyle of potential applicants. The photography throughout the site featured current Revive! employees, in aspirational, striking and heroic shots. The site also creates an immersive feel through the use of dynamic, animated design features.

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