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Digital magazine publishing and an Interconnected content experience for Schoolblazer

Schoolblazer Digital Newsletter




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Digital Magazine Publishing | Content Creation Platform

Schoolblazer is the UK’s leading school uniform supplier to over 180 schools. With 95% customer satisfaction and the lowest level of returns in UK online clothing retail, product innovations, and the news is paramount to their customer base.

Printed newsletters are not environmentally friendly and flat PDFs emailed out no longer cut it. Schoolblazer wanted an interactive magazine that would differentiate their brand and keep their buyers engaged with an improved brand experience and where they could track engagement and easily update content on future issues.

An online digital magazine was developed with inspirational photographic content all designed for maximum impact. The immersive, digital publication was a major improvement over their previous emailed out news as it also incorporates media-rich content, video, and animation, meaning users interact for longer than a normal newsletter or website.

By creating a digital magazine with a compelling content experience and a custom template, readers can flip through one page at a time, bringing the content to life and fuelling the customer journey. The interactive publication is responsive, mobile-friendly, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. But above all, it is easy for any team member at Schoolblazer to create, add or update content without relying on designers or developers for future editions. Furthermore, it also makes considerable cost-savings compared to print.

Schoolblazer Digital Newsletter

Schoolblazer Digital Newsletter

Schoolblazer Digital Newsletter

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“We asked GWCM to put together an online newsletter for us, to keep our schools updated in a more environmentally friendly way. They came up with a smart, modern design that is perfectly in tune with our branding and we’ve already received very positive feedback from our schools – thank you!”

Marketing Manager, Schoolblazer

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