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Responsive Website Design + Development


  • Over 800 unique views within the first week of launch
  • 12 new school partnerships created

Outline of Project Brief

Executive Summary

Schoolblazer supply uniforms to more independent schools than anyone else. They came to us to improve the ‘new schools enquiries’ section of their website. We were asked to explore and redefine the new-business buying journey, by profiling out their customers, and suggesting improvements to the user experience and reinforce their presence as a modern, progressive brand in the school uniform landscape.

The Business Objective

As the industry leader and expert in school wear, few brands can match Schoolblazer’s level of experience, know-how, and customer service. Unfortunately, the website did not promote this very well. Nor did it properly reflect the company’s culture, brand goals and benefits and their reputation for product innovation, style, quality and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

To increase inbound enquiries and gain new independent school partnerships.

Project Launch Date

February 2016.

Outline of Creative Solution

As a core sales channel for attracting new business, Schoolblazer wanted to renew their web presence, making it as easy as possible for new schools to discover the benefits of Schoolblazer’s products and the technology and logistics behind the business. Working with our insight and strategy team, we dug deep into Schoolblazer’s ideal customer. We profiled the various decision makers, and then identified the best possible consumer journey.

A rich digital experience was instrumental in driving awareness and telling a strong brand story with the product, that works across all devices. The responsive website featured better copy, stunning lifestyle and product photography by Eleanor Hardwick and product innovation animations. Improvements to the SEO also helped to drive an increase in traffic.

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