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Employment guide/brochure


“We loved your design work on the HPT guide – it looked brilliant! Thank you for making it look so good.” – SEMLEP

Executive Summary

The South East Midlands is home to 78,000 businesses of which around 3,000 are High Performance Engineering companies, employing over 20,000 individuals. The South East Midland’s Local Enterprise Partnership’s (SEMLEP) role is to unlock the full growth potential of the area, working in collaboration with local authority and private sector partners. SEMLEP work closely with the excellent and diverse Universities, including the Open University and Cranfield, plus 10 Further Education Colleges and 4 University Technical Colleges to ensure that businesses have the highly skilled workforce that they need to grow.

Outline of Project Brief

The Business Objective:

SEMLEP were hosting an event at Silverstone and needed a publication based upon, ’High Performance Engineering’, a guide designed to promote local engineering opportunities and entice and inspire young people, adults and people looking to change their careers. You don’t need to travel to London, Oxford or Cambridge to start a career in the sector – there are some of the most exciting companies working on cutting edge technology based in the South East Midlands and the guide needed to help attract local talent to local jobs.

The Challenge:

In the next decade 2.7 million engineering jobs will be created in the UK. SEMLEP’s mission was to inspire next generations to take up these opportunities as engineers are now in high demand. SEMLEP needed to gain the support of local businesses in the region to provide apprenticeships for young people in the wide spectrum of engineering.

Project Launch Date

SEMLEP launched the ‘High Performance Guide’ at the Driving Technological Change event on July 1st 2015 designed to celebrate the major significance of the UK’s motorsport, automotive, and engineering industry to a national and international audience.

Outline of Creative Solution

We designed a 28 page guide showcasing the benefits of a career in engineering. The publication featured the most innovative and dynamic engineering companies throughout the region such as Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Hybrid Air Vehicles and Monarch, who are looking to invest in apprenticeship schemes. Easy to navigate tabbed sections helped to guide the user throughout the diverse range of industries on offer, from Automotive and the Built Environment to Aerospace and Energy. To appeal to potential apprentices’ GWCM designed the content with quick fire stats to make the benefits stand out.

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