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Maintaining and growing Syngenta’s spring barley market share across the UK and Ireland

syngenta spring barley






Advertising | Promotional

Our challenge was to reinforce the consistent performance of Syngenta's malting Barley varieties and communicate their acceptance across Europe along with the export potential.

Heritage, trust and loyalty are the key qualities at the heart of the Syngenta brand. These key USP’s ran across all marketing collaterals such as advertorials, pull-up banners and flyers to build and sustain the campaign.

In order to communicate these messages further with direct stakeholders, an educational fold out sales presenter was delivered to showcase Syngenta’s wide product portfolio. With over 30 years of malting barley experience, the pack brought together 5 of Syngenta’s most popular varieties, under the ‘Malting Barley Excellence’ umbrella, helping to highlight their strong heritage and reliance.

In conjunction with this, a set of coasters were developed, which offered the loyal consumer base a reminder of the quality of both new and past varieties.


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