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Email Marketing


  • Increased global reach to over 25 countries, stretching as far as Japan and South Africa.
  • Attaining email open rates well above average, often as high as 40%.
  • Generating click through rates of 28.57% and above.

Executive Summary

FloriPro Services ® are Syngenta’s distribution organisation serving Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Flori Pro Services® operates through a dedicated and independent network, providing professional growers with a wide range of products and services to help them improve their profitability.

FloriPro Services® target audience are spread internationally, all of whom need to access information and industry news with ease and speed. With such a broad and active customer base, FloriPro Services® lacked direct communication with their audience. Our email strategy was to create an industry focused E-Shot to communicate company and trade news, to promote clicks to their offers.

Outline of Project Brief

The Business Objective:

Elevate the Flori Pro Services® brand and encourage trust, loyalty and engagement with existing and potential customers.

The Challenge:

Embrace digital methods of communication and explore ways to engage new customers in emerging markets.

Project Launch Date

The first E-shot was deployed in February 2013. Gavin Willis Creative Marketing have continued to evolve and refresh the format on an ongoing basis, whilst increasing the customer reach.

Outline of Creative Solution

As FloriPro Services® has such a varied customer reach the main focus was to create a flexible, long term campaign that can cater for the numerous products and languages.

FloriPro Services® brand guidelines are a key part of all marketing strategy. We exploited these to highlight sales offers and key sections such as product focus, upcoming events, and clear calls to action in order to make the recipient’s journey to the website seamless.

The E-shot is an integral part of Flori Pro Services® online strategy, enabling them to engage with their audience in a way that is easily digestible.

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