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Giving property management personality


CLIENT: Trident Building Consultancy

SECTOR: Building Management

SCOPE: Website Re-Design

The month after launching the website:

  • Page views on the site reached 10,152
  • Out of 2,120 users, 74% were new visitors to the site
  • Bounce rate dropped to 32%

Trident’s mission is to provide the highest quality professional property advice that exceeds their clients’ expectations.

Trident approached GWCM, due to our vast construction marketing experience. For the past 23 years we have been designing and producing compelling branding, advertising, websites and videos that get brands noticed, talked about and remembered.

GWCM construction website design team, produced a fully responsive website giving them great presence compared to their competitors. The website was underpinned by 3 key elements: People, Projects and Services.

We designed the website with it’s own personality by adding key personnel on the call to actions. This was to encourage all new users to contact the lead of each project. This approach alongside the stunning architectural imagery with bite-sized content gave the site an accessible and slick feel.

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