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Another WordPress Migration for NHS North East London

NHS Health and Care Partnership BACK TO OUR WORK

CLIENT: North East London Health and Care Partnership

SECTOR: Healthcare

SCOPE: WordPress Migration

North East London Health and Care Partnership (NEL HCP) needed assistance with some WordPress Migration. NHS NEL HCP is an alliance between health, care, and community partners. They work to create meaningful improvements in health and well-being. Our job was to migrate the site to a new hosting platform, maintain it and then provide ongoing support. In this case, their existing website was built in the Sitekit CMS. There are potential risks linked with website migration. Our job was to mitigate these, by thoroughly planning out and testing the process of migration. Data loss, compatibility issues, and plug-in reliability. Plus, importantly security, were all considered as part of the WordPress migration.

We had to rebuild the site and migrate from one CMS to another. The old CMS (Sitekit) was not able to migrate directly into WordPress. With the current site still live, we set up a development server. This allowed us to build the WordPress site side by side. The live site remained to ensure the design, layout, styles, and content stayed the same. Once the site was completely rebuilt and the content was migrated we updated the DNS. Then, the website pointed to WordPress instead of Sitekit.

Migrating a new website to WordPress or a new website hosting platform can offer several benefits. Faster page load times and better overall performance can mean a smoother user experience. It can also result in potentially higher search engine rankings. Our expert WordPress technicians knew there could be a chance of data loss if our process wasn't executed properly. We ensured we had a robust backup strategy in place for the website's data, files, and databases. This also mitigates any data losses.

GWCM offers different levels of technical support for WordPress. Regular maintenance is essential for NHS North East London HCP.  Our monthly maintenance support ensures the website is up to date with the latest security patches and fixes. We help protect the website and its data from any potential risks and attacks. We offer a piece of mind and easy task management for any content updates. The NHS regularly publishes new content and needs to make changes to its content. Our WordPress maintenance allows them to keep the website regularly up-to-date and accessible. We carry out tasks like adding new pages and updating plugins and themes. We fix broken links and ensure the website displays perfectly across multiple devices and browsers. WordPress constantly evolves with new updates. These enhance its functionality, features, and compatibility. By keeping the website up to date, we ensure that the website remains compatible with the latest versions. In turn, this helps to take advantage of the new features and improvements.


NHS Health and Care Partnership

NHS Health and Care Partnership

NHS Health and Care Partnership

NHS Health and Care Partnership

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