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Helping the UK's #1 supplier of school uniforms attract over 150 of the UK’s top schools

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Fashion and Retail


Brochure Design | Photography | Art Direction

An integral part of Schoolblazer’s new business strategy is to showcase their smart school wear and build upon their business values, a new sales brochure was designed to do just that.

The sales team use the brochure for their face-to-face client meetings, as well as a display piece at conferences for prospective clients. Our brochures can be found in 150 of the UK’s top independent schools.

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testimonial testimonial

Our brochure is a critical part of the marketing proposition for Schoolblazer. We wanted something fresh and interesting which also clearly communicated our expertise in product development, critical path management and delivery. The Gavin Willis team rose to the challenge, with a new approach which mapped the process from start to finish and portrayed this beautifully and creatively. Our new brochure has now become a start part of our sales presentations and provides a clear statement about our company and our proposition. Our only concern is whether we’ve printed enough! – Co-founder, Schoolblazer

Want to grow your brand and business?

Let's discuss how together, we can.

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