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Differentiate your brewery’s products with a creative craft beer marketing agency

In need of a strong brand identity that reflects your values, story, and uniqueness? Here at GWCM we have a passion for craft beer marketing and the brewery industry as a whole. Our designers will help to build the emotional connection with your target audience and create authenticity.

Craft beer marketing agency
Craft beer marketing agency

Driven by creativity

Great! Whether you’re the most traditional – or the most distinct of beers it can be energised with great design. Even in a saturated, noisy market a well-branded product will always stand out if it is well promoted. Whatever your attitude to them, think of Brewdog’s recent success. It can often seem like it’s hard to get your voice heard and your product the respect it deserves. Our quarter of a Century in business has taught us that there is always a way to make a beer stand out.

An example of the work we’ve designed can be seen in our complete rebrand for Great Oakley Brewery. With many years of success behind them, they wanted the brand to be more in line with the new wave of beer drinkers. They needed to attract the new customer base – young hipsters with beards, and the awakened female beer drinkers.

However, with a strong customer base already in place Great Oakley didn’t want to depart from their origins. For established brands with a strong foothold in the industry, we understand the balanced approach needed. And for those just starting out, we have the energy and creativity to rise above your competitors. You’ll get an eye-catching logo, stand-out labels, and packaging that conveys your brewery’s personality.

Craft beer marketing agency
Craft beer marketing agency

Client testimonial

“GWCM have introduced a new era for us, breathing new life into our brand heritage. We have maintained our character and traditional values, but now really stand-out in an industry that has seen huge growth. Our rebrand has enabled us to grow during a really competitive time and we are in a great position and excited for the future.”

Founder, Great Oakley Brewery

5 Star Rating

Have the passion for the art of brewing and the ambition to succeed?

Everything needs to be considered, from your pump clip designs (absolutely key to winning over customers). To your social media images and messaging. GWCM offer a complete package, from focused craft beer marketing strategies to full website builds. From video advertising to print ads, we work tirelessly to create as much impact as possible. We’ll help bring your beer brand to life, with a focus on clear and measurable results.

Looking for a creative craft beer marketing agency? Contact us to find out more about how our services will bring value to your brand.

Craft beer marketing agency

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