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Have you ever wondered who stalks your website?


22 Aug' 19 | By Abbie

Sit back, relax and let Leadfeeder drive your sales intelligence

How Leadfeeder helps us

Here, at GWCM, we have been using Leadfeeder for around a year now. Our busy schedules mean we are limited with the amount of time our marketing team spend on checking the Google Analytics and searching keywords for SEO. With the help of Leadfeeders inspiring technology we are able to spend less time driving sales and more time on the important elements within our agency.

What is Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder helps to accelerate marketing and sales efforts, by connecting with our Google Analytics account and cleverly combining visitor information with IP address data.  This provides background information on which companies have been visiting our website, the pages they’ve viewed, the duration of the page visit, how they found us, and possible contacts to reach out to from that business. We can follow accounts which view our profile regularly and receive notifications every time they’ve viewed our website. Without being too (creepy) we give the company a follow on LinkedIn or have our marketing team reach out to possible leads with a newsletter or intro letter. This allows us to spend less time and effort resourcing new leads.

Leadfeeder also integrates with our CRM, which in our case is Salesforce and sends leads direct to the CRM. Leadfeeder also links with our email provider MailChimp and 1,000+ apps which helps to further accelerate our sales and marketing efforts. Leadfeeder ranks our visitors by engagement, enabling our marketing team to reach out to the leads by the contact information already gathered. We are also able to embed Leadfeeder data into our Google data studio reports.

Their web-based product is slick, smart and sophisticated and is extremely user friendly with a social media ‘aesthetic’ to the platform, so the user experience is quick to pick-up and almost self-explanatory. We have the option to follow visitors and further track their viewing habits which presents us with a good opportunity to send targeted emails, or tailor new digital content towards them. Our Creative Director loves Leadfeeder and believes any B2B business would be able to benefit from the platform. It is exceptional value for money and has a broad use for our clients ranging from small start-ups to, SMEs and large corporates with big sales teams.

Creative Director Gavin Willis, and founder of GWCM comments on his new partnership with Leadfeeder and the benefits GWCM reaps from it: “Leadfeeder has totally changed the way we target new customers. With the digital world ever growing, new innovative technology like Leadfeeder, allows busy agencies like us to keep on top of our own marketing efforts and the sales or lead generation of our own clients.”

Reap the rewards

If you want to enhance the way your business performs sales and marketing tasks, and spend more time focusing on your business, then Leadfeeder could be the platform for you. You can try Leadfeeder free for 14 days, its fun being a fly on the wall for a couple of weeks, and like us you’ll probably end up finding it quite addictive!