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Marketing will power growth for a post Brexit Britain

Post Brexit Britain - Open For Business

10 Oct' 17 | By Amanda Smith

Is creative marketing the answer to
Britain’s Brexit woes?

It’s undeniable that since last years EU referendum, Brexit has remained at the top of news and business agendas across the country. Whilst there are still huge question marks over how the process will play out and what the impact will be on the UK economy, marketing will play an ever-critical role in ensuring that brands and businesses remain competitive.

Whilst the marketplace is challenging at the moment, consumers haven’t changed their behaviour – we all still have to choose one brand over another. These uncertain times will force marketers to up the innovation and creativity levels, and prove their worth globally – particularly in a time when export opportunities are golden.

Our industry’s proven ability to drive both business and economic growth has not faltered. We are constantly keeping an eye on data, insight and the underlying trends that can fuel growth and offer an advantage to businesses. Marketers will need to build stronger brands going into 2018, through personalised long-term campaigns, in order to shape a better customer experience. This will drive consumer loyalty and strengthen those ever-important relationships- ultimately boosting consumer spending, and in turn powering much needed business growth and ambition.

This is not only important for large businesses and global brands, but it’s also crucial for small businesses too. SME businesses have been hailed as the absolute engine room of the British economy, and their future prosperity is going to be imperative in a post-Brexit world, where we are dependent on a stronger and more competitive UK economy.

During the first part of the year, our team helped to launch two regional investment funds – The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund and The Midlands Engine Investment Fund, both aimed at helping to grow and pump growth into SME businesses and in turn, the economy. With huge uptake, it’s inspiring to see so many businesses confident about the future and continuing their commitment towards growth. In addition, Britain is poised to have the highest employment rate in the western world after a hiring spree that has created 379,000 more jobs in the year to July*.

It is without question that some industries will be hit hard following the fall out from Brexit, however if businesses want to flourish in these rocky times, they cannot rest on their laurels. Marketing and advertising has always proved resilient to uncertainty, and when you throw our digital ingenuity into the mix, the quality and effectiveness of our offer is world-renowned.