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The beauty in the building

The beauty in the building

15 Aug' 13 | By Amanda Smith

This week there was a media frenzy around the ugliest towns in the UK after
results of a recent survey asking people which towns really deserved
the title was released.

Here is the top 10:
1 – Hemel Hempstead
2 – Luton
3 – Slough
4 – Bracknell
5 – Birmingham
6 – Camberley
7 – Coventry
8 – Cumbernauld
9 – Hatfield
10 – Gateshead

Our agency is based in a town that also doesn’t always get a great wrap for its aesthetics, but we’re proud that Northampton didn’t make the list. There are of course some beautifully designed buildings in our town, although take a look at the list above, surely these towns have some beautifully thought out design to them?

The new Birmingham Library, a landmark across the city that throws the rule book out when thinking about conventional libraries, a place to read and write, this one inspires too.

Gateshead is home to the Sage music centre, built with its iconic arched roof to create the best acoustics, and outside, a reflective beautifully modern finish standing proud on the banks of the Tyne.

Coventry, a city famous for rising like a Phoenix, with its modern Cathedral designed in the 1950’s after the previous church was reduced to just an outer shell after the devastation of WWII. The modern Cathedral has influences reflecting the local community, rich tapestries from France and art forming fonts carved from stone. The Cathedral stands tall as a symbol of resilience and gets the balance of grandeur but graceful just right.

Finally, just down the road from our offices, a now museum, the house once designed by and for Rennie Mackintosh stands. Mackintosh famous for his water colours and art and craft designs during the Art Nouveau period, has his striking style right down to the number above the door showcased in this house, number 78.

Perhaps there is something beautiful in even the ugliest of towns.