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The Best From 2013

The Best From 2013

30 Dec' 13 | By Amanda Smith

Every Friday, we’re busy bringing our readers the latest and most insightful stories from the realms of digital, design, strategy and social. For those of you who might have missed a blog post here or there, we’ve decided to roundup the very best into one handy little post.

Google – Putting Email In Its Place

Back in July, Google revealed its new tabular addition to its email system. Since then, every email you receive will automatically file itself into one of the three tabs. All of your important emails from friends and family should go into ‘Primary’, everything from brands should go into ‘Promotions’, and then all your Facebook and Twitter notifications should end up in the third tab, ‘Social’.

If you’re still not sure how the whole system affects you, particularly if you’re in marketing and worried about where your email campaigns are ending up then read the full post here.

Our Favourite Apps

If you’re app-crazy like we are here at GWCM, then this post is right up your street. Expect a raving review on cult favourite ‘What’s App’, find out why Snapchat is so addictive and discover some unsung heroes that you will need to download right away.

#NorthamptonClown – The Social Media Circus

If you’re local to Northampton or have an interest in people dressing up as clowns and terrorising an entire town, then you wouldn’t have missed our blog about the infamous Northampton Clown. While town folk took it upon themselves to track his whereabouts, we were more interested in analysing his online social activity. Find out how the Clown has racked up enough Facebook ‘likes’ to rival established brands.

7 Digital Trends To Watch In 2014

Get ahead of yourself and start preparing for the New Year with our handy guide to all things digital in 2014. Find out why Snapchat, Google+ and Content Marketing are our top three trends to watch.